Contracting Coronavirus (COVID-19) at Work

Will employees contracting Coronavirus (COVID-19) at work be able to apply for Workers’ Compensation benefits?  The short answer is yes. The long answer is they can apply, and their claim may actually be approved much faster and more easily than ever before. The real question, and only time will tell, is whether those approved benefits… Read more »

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety in Massachusetts

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety It is critical to understand bicycle and pedestrian safety. Riding a bicycle in Massachusetts is a popular and fun mode of transportation, as well as a terrific form of exercise, but it comes with the responsibility of practicing bicycle safety. Due to factors like distracted drivers and poorly lit roadways, auto-bicycle… Read more »

Exotic Dancer Awarded $8.5 Million

Exotic Dancer awarded $8.5 million after employer allowed her to drive drunk and insurance company failed to settle claim in bad faith. In November of 2010, 20-year old Kailee Higgins was severely injured in a car crash with an off-duty police officer.  Tests later revealed Kailee’s blood alcohol level was 1.55, over twice the legal… Read more »

Breaking Up the Mortgage After the Marriage Breaks Up

What happens to the mortgage in a divorce? Having to consider breaking up the mortgage after the marriage breaks up is a monumental decision when emotions are already at an all time high. Divorces are tough. They are tough emotionally. Divorces are tough legally. They are tough financially. One of the many issues faced during… Read more »

Home Buying After Bankruptcy

Home Buying After Bankruptcy – Yes You Can! Is home buying after bankruptcy possible? Most people think that they must wait for a bankruptcy to be “wiped” from their record before they can even think of buying a home.  This is not true.  Having a bankruptcy “wiped” from a credit record is not the same… Read more »

CORI: Getting Criminal Records Sealed or Expunged

Can a CORI Be Cleaned Up? Can a CORI Be Cleaned Up? A CORI (criminal offender record information), compiles each individual’s criminal history with respect to any criminal case in a Massachusetts state court.  Even if a charge does not result in a conviction, is continued without a finding (CWOF) or eventually is dismissed, it… Read more »

Sexual Harassment or Workplace Bullying

Have you ever been the target of sexual harassment or workplace bullying?  Chances are at least one in three that you either have been or will be at some point during your working life. Sexual Harassment or Workplace Bullying Abusive behavior at work, commonly referred to as “bullying”, can take various forms leading up but… Read more »

Attorney Email Scams & Data Breaches

Attorney Email Scams Attorneys are being targeted for email phishing scams on a national level and Cape Cod is no exception. Hackers are targeting lawyers through legal directories like AVVO,, and just recently our local directory, Lawyers’ Beware This particular email scam stems back a full year. In this link, you will… Read more »

Welcome to the Law Office of James P. Dillon, Jr.

For almost three decades, Sandwich Business Attorney Jim Dillon, of the Law Office of James P. Dillion, Jr. has provided expert legal counsel in the areas of Business Law and Will and Estate Planning. Legal services involve business formations such as Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporate entities (i.e. S-corp, INC.) contracts and agreements, business purchases… Read more »

Criminal Attorney James P. Dillon, Jr.

Cape Cod Criminal Attorney James P. Dillon, Jr. An accomplished trial lawyer, Jim Dillon has been involved in numerous criminal cases during his 30+ year law career. His trial experience is unsurpassed. Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, legal issues like OUI/DUI, assault, drug trafficking, rape, theft or even murder, Attorney Jim Dillon should be… Read more »

Welcome to Phinney Law Offices in Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod

Carol A. Phinney, Esquire is a Divorce & Mediation Attorney with 29 years of experience working in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. The firm specialize in handling divorce and post-divorce issues as well as family & domestic relations, probate administration and estate planning. I guide my divorce and mediation clients through complex issues such as enforcement of… Read more »

There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Car Insurance

How Much Car Insurance Should I Have? There’s no such thing as too much car insurance. The right amount is whatever you can afford.  You need the right coverages to protect the people, not just the automobile. And the kicker is, the coverages that protect the people (as opposed to the coverages that protect the… Read more »

In A Pickle? Need A Lawyer?

In a Pickle and Need a Lawyer? When you’re in trouble you don’t usually get a ‘heads-up’ or prior notification. If the trouble involves the law it’s usually not great news unless you’re getting a windfall inheritance or buying a new home, legal matters tend to be sticky, scary and perceived to be expensive. So… Read more »

Douglas M. Cabral

Hyannis Real Estate Lawyer My name is Douglas M. Cabral, managing partner at Collins & Cabral, P.C. For over two decades as a Hyannis real estate lawyer, my clients have become accustomed to broad-based legal experience in residential & commercial real estate, estate planning and probate as well as business law, including entity formation, succession planning… Read more »

3 Things You Need To Know About Hiring Lawyers

3 Things You Need To Know About Hiring Lawyers WHY don’t people like to hire lawyers? Is it the cost of legal services?  Actually, most people do not contact attorneys (soon enough) because they don’t understand their situation to be legal. This is where FREE CONSULTATIONS are beneficial. 3 Things You Need To Know About Hiring… Read more »

Can a CORI Be Cleaned Up?

CORI: Getting criminal records sealed or expunged A CORI (criminal offender record information), compiles each individual’s criminal history with respect to any criminal case in a Massachusetts state court.  Even if a charge does not result in a conviction, is continued without a finding (CWOF) or eventually is dismissed, it leaves a trail.  Background checks… Read more »

Bankruptcy FAQ

Q. What Debts Are Discharged in Bankruptcy? A.  The short answer is unsecured debt and promises to pay (such as credit cards). READ MORE

The Town of Falmouth Took My Land!

The lawsuit was initiated in 2012 by the owner of a vacant 16,477 square foot lot in Falmouth. The land is one of the last undeveloped lots in a residential subdivision known as “Wild Harbour Estates.” My client’s parents purchased the land in 1975. She inherited the land in 2005 after her parents died.  The… Read more »

Is an adopted person entitled to their adoption records?

Under the law in Massachusetts, M.G.L. c. 210, an adopted person has the right to obtain any information that does not identify the biological parents. The general rule is that an adopted person does not have an automatic right to access identifying information of their adopted parents. In order for that information to be released… Read more »

Divorce & Disease: Reasons For Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy A typical scenario begins when someone may be only slightly over-extended on credit card debt or have a tax burden because of a common but unfortunate circumstance such as illness, job loss or divorce. This was exactly the case for Walter. He fortunately contacted Daigle Law Office early enough to make a difference… Read more »

Elder Abuse: Violating Fiduciary Duties

In light of the ever increasing elderly community here on Cape Cod, residents must be cognizant of their rights and the rights of their family members. Elder abuse, both physical and financial, is an ongoing problem in the United States which can ultimately be litigious. One such scenario I resolved involved a trust created by… Read more »

Why You Need A Bankruptcy Attorney

3 Reasons Why the DIY Approach to Bankruptcy is Shortsighted! Job loss; a catastrophic illness; the loss of a loved one: All are life-changing situations and can lead to a dramatic change in a person’s financial situation which can, in some cases, lead to filing for bankruptcy. Attempting to file for bankruptcy without the assistance… Read more »

Cape Cod Construction Worker Wins $650K for Hand Injury

An independent construction worker hired by a sub-contractor for the general contractor was injured on an unsafe construction site due to faulty equipment. A situation that could easily have been prevented if the general or sub-contractor simply would’ve installed the required safety netting. As in all injury cases, there are two issues that must be… Read more »

During Coronavirus (COVID-19) FREE Legal Consults Available by Phone or Video

FREE LEGAL CONSULTATIONS & WORKSHOPS FAMILY LAW, LANDLORD/TENANT, ELDER LAW, ESTATE LAW, BANKRUPTCY, IMMIGRATION & More Cape Cod attorneys generously donate their time and expertise to low to moderate income women for a range of ongoing, free CONFIDENTIAL legal services through the WE CAN organization based in Harwich Port. These free legal consultations & workshops… Read more »

Get It While You Can

Because immigration is such a complex process and currently a very controversial topic, immigration may be viewed as being just about ‘getting into the United States.’ However, in reality immigration most often deals with people already residing here and wanting to stay permanently or, trying to get their loved one(s) to join them. Therefore, “it’s very… Read more »

Too bad, I’m taking the children to California!

Parents are placed in a precarious situation whenever one parent seeks to remove children from the Commonwealth without the consent of the other parent. These are commonly known as “removal” cases. Recently, I prevented a removal at the request of a client. The opposing parent sought to remove the minor children to California, while my… Read more »


YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR FEDERAL STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS Beware of Consequences In 1965 legislation was passed authorizing the discharge of some federal student loans for individuals who have become “totally and permanently disabled”. [1] This is commonly referred to as a “TPD” discharge. Unfortunately, many of the people the law is designed to benefit,… Read more »


Free Legal Workshop: GRANDPARENTS RAISING GRANDCHILDREN “Legal Issues Facing Grandparents Raising Grandchildren” is a three hour workshop hosted by an attorney with dinner and childcare provided designed to answer questions that grandparents are facing as they navigate parenthood in the context of complicated situations. It is happening May 16th, 5-8pm in Eastham on Cape Cod. Click… Read more »

FRAUD ADVISORY: “Disability Services” Phone Calls

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 29, 2016 Social Security Inspector General Patrick P. O’Carroll is warning citizens to be aware of phone calls from unknown people who claim to have information about a citizen’s application for disability benefits and offer assistance with the citizen’s claim. The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) received a report from… Read more »

FRAUD ADVISORY: Text Phishing Scheme Targeting Disability Applicants and Beneficiaries

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 3, 2014 Contact: Tracy Lynge Phone: (410) 965-2671 [Call: (410) 965-2671] Patrick P. O’Carroll, Jr., Inspector General for the Social Security Administration (SSA), is warning the public, and Social Security disability applicants and beneficiaries in particular, about a text phishing scheme that has recently surfaced. Disability law offices in the… Read more »

Bankruptcy Overview

Join Bankruptcy Attorney Alec Watt and Certified Financial Planner Andi McNamara as they Start The Conversation about Bankruptcy. “I learned that I qualify for Chapter 7; I learned that I do not have to feel like a crumb or failure.” WE CAN the organization empowering women to achieve lasting positive change.   Cost No cost;… Read more »

When A Bonus Is NOT A Bonus!

When’s A Bonus NOT A Bonus? Q: Is the stock option Scott Williams received from his employer considered a ‘Bonus’? In the case of Williams vs. Williams the question is whether the term “bonus” was to include stock options that Scott Williams received from his job. Scott’s separation agreement with his former wife, Susan, called… Read more »

Choosing The Right Attorney Matters

Choosing the right attorney is so important because it could mean the difference between having a case, or not having a case. Your legal situation may require you to seek out a lawyer that focuses their expertise within a specific area of law. Some lawyers or law firms have general practices whereby they are experienced… Read more »

Workplace Violence in Healthcare: A Systematic National Disgrace

Description: The purpose of this program is to highlight awareness of workplace violence and its organizational implications affecting health care and other service providers. The environment must support a culture of safety to protect our valuable workforce. Presenters: Patricia Powers, RN; Sergeant Gary J. Eblan, Boston Police Department; Jeremy G. Richman, PhD; Mary Linda O’Reilly,… Read more »

Why We Need a Workplace Bullying Law: David Yamada

Law Professor and Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill Co-Coordinator David Yamada explains the Healthy Workplace Bill: how it fills a huge gap in the law, how we’re behind other countries, and how the Healthy Workplace Bill hits the sweet spot in its strength.