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J. Drew Segadelli

cape cod criminal attorney J. Drew Segadelli

Cape Cod Criminal Attorney J. Drew Segadelli

Not many attorneys lay claim that they’re on the ‘murder list’. Criminal Attorney Drew Segadelli is 1 of only 3 attorneys from Cape Cod on the list used to select lawyers for murder cases.

An accomplished trial lawyer, Drew Segadelli has been involved in numerous high-profile criminal cases and has tried more than 40 murders during his career.

He’s often featured on national TV and consistently cited in the local news as legal counsel covering murders and various other crimes. His trial experience is unsurpassed.

Whether it’s a misdemeanor or felony, legal issues like OUI/DUI, assault, drug trafficking, rape, theft or even murder, Drew Segadelli should be your first call: 508-540-6900.

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user image Tina Canterbury

Drew represented my son in a car accident / OUI case and did an outstanding job. My son was found not guilty and I was very impressed with Drew Segadelli’s court room skills and would highly recommend him!

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