Distracted Driving: Protect Yourself BEFORE an Accident Happens

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Paul Aiken

Steven Aiken

We know distracted driving causes accidents but Texting & Driving surpasses all – and young drivers are at greater risk!

“What would happen if someone were to get into an accident – and they were texting and driving, it doesn’t matter if it were against the law, you would be found responsible, found negligent, and you would have to pay”, states Cape Cod personal injury attorney Paul Aiken.

As injury attorneys, Paul & Steve Aiken deal with this every day. There is however, a simple, inexpensive way to protect people BEFORE- an accident happens.

What if you’re not at fault…what if your child is hurt? What if they’re in someone else’s car? If you own a home, own property, and have kids driving around in cars, how do you protect yourself?  

You buy appropriate insurance. How much insurance is too much?  There’s never too much insurance.  Read More Here

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