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cape cod criminal defense lawyer

For almost three decades, Sandwich Business Attorney Jim Dillon, of the Law Office of James P. Dillion, Jr. has provided expert legal counsel in the areas of Business Law and Will and Estate Planning. Legal services involve business formations such as Limited Liability Company (LLC), Corporate entities (i.e. S-corp, INC.) contracts and agreements, business purchases… Read more »

Cape Cod Construction Worker Wins $650K for Hand Injury

An independent construction worker hired by a sub-contractor for the general contractor was injured on an unsafe construction site due to faulty equipment. A situation that could easily have been prevented if the general or sub-contractor simply would’ve installed the required safety netting. As in all injury cases, there are two issues that must be… Read more »

The Town of Falmouth Took My Land!

Attorney Steven S. DeYoung and the Case of When A Bonus Is Not A Bonus

The lawsuit was initiated in 2012 by the owner of a vacant 16,477 square foot lot in Falmouth. The land is one of the last undeveloped lots in a residential subdivision known as “Wild Harbour Estates.” My client’s parents purchased the land in 1975. She inherited the land in 2005 after her parents died.  The… Read more »

Elder Abuse: Violating Fiduciary Duties

Elder Law Attorney John G. Kennan, Jr.

In light of the ever increasing elderly community here on Cape Cod, residents must be cognizant of their rights and the rights of their family members. Elder abuse, both physical and financial, is an ongoing problem in the United States which can ultimately be litigious. New laws have been instituted and existing laws scrutinized with… Read more »

When A Bonus Is NOT A Bonus!

Attorney Steven S. DeYoung and the Case of When A Bonus Is Not A Bonus

When’s A Bonus NOT A Bonus? Q: Is the stock option Scott Williams received from his employer considered a ‘Bonus’? In the case of Williams vs. Williams the question is whether the term “bonus” was to include stock options that Scott Williams received from his job. Scott’s separation agreement with his former wife, Susan, called… Read more »

Get It While You Can

Because immigration is such a complex process and currently a very controversial topic, immigration may be viewed as being just about ‘getting into the United States.’ However, in reality immigration most often deals with people already residing here and wanting to stay permanently or, trying to get their loved one(s) to join them. Therefore, “it’s very… Read more »

Sexual Harassment or Workplace Bullying

Sexual Harassment or Workplace Bullying

Have you ever been the target of sexual harassment or workplace bullying?  Chances are at least one in three that you either have been or will be at some point during your working life. Sexual Harassment or Workplace Bullying Abusive behavior at work, commonly referred to as “bullying”, can take various forms leading up but… Read more »

Divorce & Disease: Reasons For Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy A typical scenario begins when someone may be only slightly over-extended on credit card debt or have a tax burden because of a common but unfortunate circumstance such as illness, job loss or divorce. This was exactly the case for Walter. He fortunately contacted Daigle Law Office early enough to make a difference… Read more »