For Attorneys

Local Lawyers Referral is an affordable, comprehensive and turnkey marketing and advertising solution for attorneys practicing within the Cape & Island’s region.  If you don’t have a website (any online presence) or one that isn’t current with technology today you won’t be showing up on Google and other search engines.

If you don’t want to invest in a website, consider an expanded profile on our local and totally legal, Cape Cod consumer-driven website, If you do have a website, you’ll want to be linked to this directory to help your own website be found in various ways by new clients.

Q: Why join?     

A: So search engines can find you and clients can hire you.


Joining will deliver these Key Marketing Results:


Other Benefits:

  • Develop new business & market your firm
  • Target your legal specialties & build your brand
  • Access a repository of vendor/business referrals
  • Receive preferred vendor/business pricing
  • Network with colleagues

Having a Website Is Not Enough!

By joining Local Lawyers Referral, you present your firm to consumers in the local area. Consumers don’t usually ‘shop around’ for attorneys. They either get a personal referral from someone they trust or, they rely on information to make the most educated decision. Listing your practice on, a resource specifically for the Cape & Islands, helps consumers find you. Put your best foot forward! Use this site to list information so consumers know why you’re the best choice.

You’ll soon find out what your colleagues already know; relevant, current and accurate information encourages clients to easily and directly contact you.

Consumers need the right lawyer for their situation. But clients many times fear lawyers and the law. They don’t understand it, and don’t think they can afford it. More astonishing, most consumers don’t even realize their situation warrants legal expertise. You know from experience, a do-it-yourself approach or a delay in contacting legal assistance generally results in a worse outcome that costs the client more in the long run.

Start now. List your firm. It’s simple, quick and free! 

The goal for the public is to provide every possible legal choice for Cape Cod area consumers.  A basic listing is complimentary. If you prefer adding a unique, brief description of your practice and a link to your website there is a nominal fee. If you don’t have a website, consider either a limited or full profile so prospective clients can at least find you online. can be your website presence initially, intermittently or infinitely. We can customize programs to fit your goals and budgets. Most importantly, we guide you through the business part of your practice. Lawyers navigate clients through the legal system.  Local Lawyers Referral navigates lawyers through the marketing (internet) maze.  Please complete this short form to list your practice: