Choosing The Right Attorney Matters

Choosing the right attorney is so important because it could mean the difference between having a case, or not having a case.

Your legal situation may require you to seek out a lawyer that focuses their expertise within a specific area of law. Some lawyers or law firms have general practices whereby they are experienced in many different types of law. Other lawyers focus primarily in one or just a few areas of law. Generally, when lawyers focus in a particular area of law, they have a current and deep knowledge of that specific area and you will have to decide if they will be of greater service to you because of this concentration.

Choosing the right attorney may go beyond experience, expertise and knowledge of law area and be as simple as connection and fit. Many times, ‘how’ a lawyer approaches a case could be more important than what they practice. Not all lawyers approach cases in the same manner. Your case may get settled out of court for a lot less than if it was settled in front of a judge. Not all lawyers are courtroom lawyers and if your case requires litigation (courtroom law), then you’ll need a litigator (courtroom lawyer). Either way, there are many options to find the right lawyer. You’ll need to do your homework.

See how this client benefits from choosing the right attorney.

A client came to see me who had been denied workers’ compensation benefits.  He consulted another attorney (who actually worked for his union) who told him he did not have a case because READ MORE