Industry Experts

Lawyers Rely on Industry Experts: In and Out of Court

It is standard practice for lawyers to rely on various industry experts for their cases. A common form is using an expert witness to testify in court. Depending on the nature of the case, this testimony could come from a nurse or doctor, professor, police officer, forensic accountant, mortgage or financial specialist, therapist, automotive reconstructionist or vocational expert. The list continues but, using an industry expert is not limited to a courtroom. The most savvy attorneys go the extra mile and retain expert resources to consult early on in the case. This is done with the expectation that the rate of success for winning the case is increased.

A lawyer may engage an expert early on to determine whether or not there is a case, identify the most promising cases or help the attorney or law firm figure out where to invest their resources. An expert can help decide what information is pivotal or most critical to the success of a case.  Experts have special knowledge and ability to review and interpret data specific to their fields.

Injury Attorney Routinely Hires Industry Experts

Personal Injury Attorney Steven T. Snow in Mashpee, MA routinely hires industry experts for his cases. In the case of a Cape Cod construction worker that suffered a hand injury after falling on a job site, three experts were hired. First, an accountant was used to file the last five years of tax returns that weren’t submitted by the client. This was crucial in proving how much income would be lost by not working. A second expert, an economist was used to identify how much the client could have earned over the course of his work life. The third expert determined what jobs would be available based on his age, education and the restrictions suffered by the injury. The difference in job income is how much money the client would lose over the course of his remaining lifetime.

While it may be costly to retain an expert up front, the cost is generally more than justified in the end.  The question you need to ask is, ‘Will your lawyer go the extra step to engage industry experts to win your case?’ For more click: Building Your Case…